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The wonderful world of Vegan Sweets

It wasn’t so long ago in the land of sweets that vegan sweets weren’t talked about as we never really thought about what goes into our confectionary , these days a huge proportion of all confectionary is vegan, vegans like their sweets and non vegans love vegan sweets they are a delight and some of the nicest sweets around. Well known brands from Sweden and a lot of European manufacturers now produce all of their confectionary as vegan.

The vegan marketplace is now a huge market and people are generally more conscious of what they are eating but everyone loves sweets and a girl cant be good all of the time!

Sugarfinery has an ever growing range of vegan sweets and our newest addition is the BUBS range from Sweden which just taste amazing and look cool and funky.

Vegan candy is Gelatine free and cruelty free but gives you the sugar hit you crave without compromise. Give them a try you wouldn’t know the difference.