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Ooh baby baby

Very very soon everything in your life will revolve around the little bundle of joy that you have been carrying around for the last nine months, so for that reason alone let your family and friends throw you a beautiful babyshower or the latest trend of waiting until the baby is born and then having a welcome baby shower.

What could be nicer than having a special day with people you love buying you gifts for your baby.

A gender reveal is a lovely way to surprise everyone and here at sugarfinery we can keep your secret, hand us the envelope from the midwife with all of your details on and we can cater to the gender or we can do a mix of pretty pastel colours in little jars or the latest trend of a sweet platter which looks pretty amazing laid out. Whatever your needs our candy concierge will do their best to cater to your every need. 

                                                      Sweet Jar Gift